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We made it! The lockdown period is just about over. Thank you for your patience while work through the Public Health Order guidelines and how they will impact Club events.

The Club is currently planning the MiniRoos Gala Day for Saturday 4th December 2001. This is the chance for the children to play at the Club's state-of-the-art facility located at Majors Bay Reserve. Those who attended last year's Gala Day will tell the newbies how much fun the children had playing on the synthetic pitch. It will also be an opportunity to hand out trophies and to pick up photos for those who ordered them.


Unfortunately this is the only day available to the Club to hold this event. There are concerns about holding the event so late in the year: the summer heat and being so close to Xmas holidays. For this reason we would like to find out if there is sufficient interest in attending the Gala Day. If we get anough willing to participate then we will go ahead. If not, we will make other arrangements for trophies and photos to be handed out.

Gala Day Details:

Age Group
Start Time
Finish Time

Our aim is to keep existing teams intact but this will depend on who wants to play. If teams are short we may have to combine. We must have an even number of teams in each age group as we all want to avoid a bye.

To help us plan a successful event, we would appreciate an RSVP no later than close of business Friday 15th October 2021 by filling in the details below for each child whether coming or not.

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Will your child attend the Gala Day?

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