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The following guidelines are aimed to help you in your role as volunteer Ground Official for your team when you are playing at our home ground or at a neutral ground. Please wear the orange hi-vis vest so you are easy to spot in case spectators or match officials want to report an issue.

Your role during the game is to:

  • Ensure that spectators from both teams are behaving appropriately and to report any inappropriate behaviour to Club / match officials

  • Remain impartial: this means means pulling up behaviour of Concord spectators and officials too. You are meant to be independent which means you should not be seen to favour either team when it comes to reporting anti-social behaviour.

  • Not act as an extra team official running up and down the sideline giving instructions to your team. It also means that you are to please avoid yelling from the sidelines ..... there have been a number of incidents where the ground official is the person caught yelling abuse at officials!!

If you observe anti-social behaviour (e.g. excessively loud complaints against, and/or abuse of, match officials, spectators interacting with each other in a confrontational manner etc) please politely ask the persons involved to stop the behaviour. If you do not feel comfortable involving yourself in this way, please feel free to call on the Committee member on duty to assist.

Please do not become involved in any incident whether verbal of physical. If a situation escalates, your main role is to observe the people involved and take note of what is said and done.

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