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The CJSC Committee is committed to supporting the development of coaches. The aim of this page is to bring together just some of the key elements of the coaching resources available through the Football Australia (FA), Football NSW (FNSW) and Football Canterbury (FC) websites. The information below has been extracted/reproduced from the FA, FNSW and/or FC sites. Any amendments from the original typically represent a combination of information that exists separately on their sites but have been brought together with the intention of providing further clarity or detail. Click on the previous links to access the full set of information available on the respective sites.

Development Pathway

Download Coaches & Managers Info Pack

Click this link to view the Coach Development Overview from the FA website.

The working assumption is that players generally fall into two categories: those that play for Participation and those that are considered as Performance players. Separate development pathways have been designed for coaches based on which player category they are coaching:

  • Community pathway

    • specifically designed for the coaches who look after Participation players: the courses are short, easily-accessible and low-cost

  • Advanced pathway

    • specifically designed for the coaches who work with Performance players: the courses are longer and much more intensive​

Below is an overview of the two pathways and their relationship to the Building Blocks (refer to Training Resources information for explanation/description of the building blocks):

The above diagram is based on the original available on the FFA website but has been amended here to add the age breakdown for each building block phase.

The individual courses in the Community Pathway may come with a cost. CJSC will reimburse the cost of a community course on successful completion of the course. For more information, please send an email to the Club Administrator (

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Training Resources

FFA has developed a National Football Curriculum intended to deliver an Australian playing and coaching philosophy based on analysis of top football and scientific research, taking the specific circumstances and characteristics of Australian football into consideration. It is designed as a practical guide for coaches and players of every age, gender or level as well as parents.

The National Football Curriculum distinguishes 6 Building Blocks: 4 training Building Blocks and 2 playing Building Blocks.

Training Session Plans

Below is a set of weekly training session plans for each phase over the 18 weeks of the regular season. The session plans have been prepared by FNSW to support the national curriculum. Click on the hyperlink to view the detailed session plan. 

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