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Vale Norm Doyle

This week we farewell Life Member Norm Doyle, pictured here with his son Brenton.

Norm was one of the very first life members of Concord JSC. His time overlapped with other life members, Barry Wood, Laurie & June Palmer, and John Tonkin in the 60s and 70s. Norm was involved in everything and at different times was coaching 2 to 3 teams.

His son Brenton writes "I fondly remember him as my coach for my time in the black and white, Edwards Park being my Dad's 2nd home, myself and my 2 brothers Glenn and Malcolm all winning our age groups premierships in the same year with our Dad playing a big part in those teams.

His life membership gift was a lampshade trophy. It sat in our dining Room at our house in Rhodes for many years. Norm had no sporting background being adopted from a home when he was 11 and yet he loved football/soccer and had a fantastic way of communicating to his peers and his players, always being positive. I definitely was lucky to have him as my coach. My Dad was well known for wearing what I think was a purple jumper well I think that was the colour ! We have all grown up now and I'm sure there have been many Norm Doyle's that have proudly carried on the mantle at Concord being full of energy and being part of our youths journey playing the game that he loved !

He always talked about his time at Concord, so many great stories of characters and times at round robin weekends or a full car of soaking wet kids after a great game in the mud oh yes we used to play in it back in the day !! And all the fun presentation nights at Cabarita pools yes great memories and I'd just like to say thanks to my Dad for being my coach at the best club in Sydney RIP"

ex CJSC President John Tonkin write of his late Coach (check the front row of the first photo!)

"Norm was one of the earliest of Concord JSC life members . With having the three boys, both he and Margaret had a long and successful involvement with Concord JSC from the early 1960's until the family's last days of playing for Concord in the early 1990's.

Norm must have been a good age. His contribution to CJSC and the old Western Suburbs Soccer Club and Association were very substantial in those early years.

Fond memories."

The club offers our sincere condolences to you and all the family.


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