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Round 1 done and dusted

Congratulations all on completing Round 1 matches. It was a very busy and satisfying weekend at Edwards.

The big challenge for the weekend was the introduction of the electronic matchsheet. Our Managers rose to the challenge and got their teams through. This will only get easier as it becomes routine, and the bugs are worked out of the program. Thanks everyone - you did great, and best of all, maintained a great sense of humour.

Excitingly the ladders have started being populated for the U12 and above ages. Access it at You can also see the draw and results. Some games are still pending but should update later in the week.

We had a fantastic round overall. So many teams this round with great results, but I could not go past the U13 Div 1 girls. Newly promoted after winning the premiership last year in Division 2, they lined up against the Balmain A side who won the Division 1 premiership last year. They promptly gave all of us the best kind of of shock by winning 5 - 2 and shooting straight to the top of the ladder, (pictured below) establishing themselves as the team to beat this season. Looks like all that preseason training is paying off in spades. Special mention also to the U8G who scored a goal every 3 minutes in their debut match.

Next week - we have access to Majors Bay Reserve again. We share the stadium with Interlions, and last week was their turn, this week is ours. To the 15 teams lucky enough to play there this coming weekend enjoy! Everyone else can look forward to their turn soon.


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