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Finals Update 1

Wow a lot happened this week. To get everyone up to speed, the first week of the finals, 1st place on the ladder plays 2nd place, and 3rd plays 4th. Second week the winner of 1v2 has a week off, and the loser plays the winner of 3v4. Third week the winner takes on the winner of 1v2 in week 1.

We played 2 finals last weekend. The 14/3 lost to first placed Strathfield - but will play Burwood who won the 3v4 game. Our 4th placed WIL team took out 3rd placed APIA to advance to the Semi FInals this weekend. Their Coach Bobby was rightly ecstatic.

The 3 teams highlighted last week in 5th place all managed to move up to 4th and two have now qualified for the finals. The 13/4 are one of only 3 teams still with competition match to play, so they need to WIN this weekend to assure themselves a finals berth.Well done Grant and Helen!

The AA5 team knocked out Lakemba to take the fourth spot and join the finals with an assist from a couple of AA12 players. The MIL4 team beat Marrickville, moved up a spot into 4th and made the finals as well.

The MIL3 team also moved up a spot thanks to a draw by first placed Enfield and snatched the Minor Premiership. Congrats Geoge and Stephanie - a long standing Coach and Manager team.

We have an exciting Concord derby this weekend between our two 14G teams - placed first and second in their division they will play at MBR at 1:15 on Sunday. This is the first Concord derby in a finals series in years.

The U15/1G managed to cling to their Minor Premiership, doing well battling injuries and illesses. This is their 4th Minor Premiership in a row, and gives them another tilt at Champion of Champions after the finals.

The U21/3 are in front for the Minor Premiership - with one game to play they still need to win to assure themselves. This is the team on a hat trick for their third Premiership in a row, also with a long standing Coach and Manager team in Rocco and Gary.

Special mention for Michael from the AA15 who slept in past kickoff last Saturday. The first half with 10 players cost them though and they lost, causing them to slip a place. They will still make the finals, albeit in 3rd place instead of second. I will be very surprised if this is not brought up at Presentation Night. Perhaps we should buy the AA15 team alarm clocks instead of beer steins.

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