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COVID-19 latest

Advice is coming out daily! I understand from CDSFA that FFA will be meeting with the state federations this afternoon which will be followed by a meeting between FNSW and the member associations such as CDSFA. We can expect more information later today so please keep an eye out for updates.

With the above caveat, the latest information from the FFA/CDSFA advises us that:

"Clubs should consider ceasing training sessions and trial matches for junior players in the Small Sided Football age groups. The Small Sided Football is non-competitive."

This is the U8 to U11 age group. The Committee reviewed the team numbers last night. As long as no more than 1 parent/guardian accompanies each player, at no point will we exceed 250 people on Edwards on game day, even changeover when one session is ending and the others are waiting to begin. The other training fields even less. So, if people follow the guidelines listed below then the risk should be significantly reduced.

At this point, based on the advice issued, the Club is allowing training and games to go ahead on the following conditions:

  • Players and spectators who are feeling unwell, have respiratory symptoms or other related symptoms, including sore throat, coughing, headache, fever and nausea, should not attend training or games

  • People in high risk groups such as the elderly should not attend as spectators

  • Players should not share water bottles

  • Players and coaches should not shake hands before or after training/ trial games / games (recommend advising the opposing coach prior to the trial game so as not to offend)

  • Players, coaches, managers and spectators should wash their hands with soap and water or a hand sanitiser regularly, especially following training or a game

  • Training sessions and trial games which are for adults, should only be attended by the players who will be participating in the training session or trial game

  • Training sessions and trial games for youth players should have only one adult/guardian attend the activity with the youth player. No siblings or other members of the family should attend

  • Maintain social distancing – no handshakes or hugs

Parents or players at high risk of infection should not attend training or games.

If any parent or player does not feel comfortable in attending regardless of the above guidelines, please use your discretion and stay away from training and games - just let your manager know.

For the entire communique from the CDSFA, click HERE

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