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Time for that comeback?

Our Over 45 numbers are up sharply this year, and we are getting close to a third team. If you have been thinking its time to get back on the paddock then this is a great year to do it.

The O35s and O45s are training together on Sundays, so you can try it out and see where you fit in. Last year both teams played in Division 4, the new team is eyeing off Division 3.

Each team has their own rules and some can be quite harsh - eg an own goal may cost you a case and you will need an opinion on whether Pineapple can go on a Pizza. Your position on this issue may decide which team you are in as Barry's team seems to be overloaded with Pineapple haters.

Below is the "match of the year" Concord vs Concord derby last year.

NB must have turned 45 prior to December 31st 2019. Drop an email to

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