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Part time work supporting soccer

Many teams have found themselves at games without a referee through this season. We would love to see every game fully staffed with referees, and would encourage you to apply to be a referee in 2020. Our passionate players can become truly great referees, lifting the standard of both refereeing and playing at Concord. A greater understanding of the rules can only make you a better player, and give you a better understanding of the calls the referee makes in your own game.

The CRA (Canterbury Referees Association) are looking for senior and junior referees, starting at 13 yo. At 13 you can act as centre referee for U11 and younger, and then as sideline referees for the senior games. At 14 you can Centre referee U12 and under etc.

The money is surprisingly good. Referee payments are higher in Canterbury district than any other district in Sydney. Once established a 13 yo can easily make much better money than McDonalds or KFC. Senior referees who can act as Centre Referee for Senior games can make much more. Payments are considered an honorarium - ie the ATO is not interested.

The CRA is especially keen to recruit Senior referees - and are offering some extra inducements to sign up if you are a player. There is a new obligation for each club to register Senior referees, the number will be dependent on the number of O35 teams registered.

You determine when and where you are prepared to work and the CRA will assign you games within your parameters. You can potentially even choose who you work with. If you establish a good refereeing team the CRA can assign the team to games together, one as Centre referee, and two sideline referees. Become a true Soccer Mum! Dads and lads anyone? Siblings/Schoolmates weekend catchups?

First step is an online course. You have the entire off season to complete this. Then there is a one day workshop early in 2020 so that you are ready for season kick off in April.

More information at

NB the image attached below says 14, but you need only to turn 13 before taking the workshop to qualify. #typo

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