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2020/1 Sponsors

2020 will be a new jersey year - meaning that sponsors are up for renegotiation. Sponsorship contracts are a 2 year commitment, as this is how long the jerseys are usually worn for.

We are thrilled to announce that our long standing sponsors Conti Strata and Canada Bay Club Five Dock are returning for 2020/1. Both Conti and the Canada Bay Club not only support CJSC financially, but in numerous other ways, presenting awards, hosting us for functions, as well as playing for us, the very definition of involvement.

In other good news, fabulous local cafe Espresso Organica, located on Majors Bay Rd will be sponsoring the seniors, so get ready to see their logos on Saturday afternoons when the Seniors play.

We are so thankful to have the support of these great local businesses.

There is still some sponsorship opportunities available. If you are interested in promoting your business to a strong local community, talk to us about our reasonable sponsorship packages by sending an email to




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