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The full FINALS glory hunt begins

We still have 11 Concord teams in the hunt for Finals glory this year.

Special mention to the FOUR (!!) Minor Premier teams, 12/4, 16/3, WIL 2 and O35/5A. So very well done!

Our finalist teams are spread far and wide across the CDSFA district this weekend - except for the AA7 who scored a home game Semi here on Edwards 1. Ryan's team have had a great season, finishing second on the table, and will be playing the number 1 ranked team Strathfield. On Edwards 2 at the same time, 3rd placed Cooks River will take on 4th placed Lakemba in the same division. So we will be watching both fields with keen interest at 2:30pm, and crossing our fingers waiting for the results from all other matches.

Best wishes for all our teams.

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