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Vale Frank

Yesterday CJSC lost one of our biggest supporters, Life Member Frank Mico. Frank was always at the ground cheering on Concord without reservation, and always wore his Concord cap with pride, even as the black and white faded to grey and white.

He cheered for all three children when they played for Concord and lately for his grandchildren playing for Concord for the 2019 season. Frank was always here, every single weekend, jumping in on the BBQ whenever we were short, without complaint or hesitation.

Frank's soccer legacy is assured, today Marisa was here at Edwards Park with her youngest, too young to play but already wearing his brother's hand me down CJSC uniform with pride, right down to the socks and boots. Given that young man's enthusiasm, we look forward to his debut on the soccer field!

The club extends our sincere sympathy to Ross, John-Michael and Marisa and their families at this sad time, along with our heartfelt thanks for everything he did to keep the club running. We lost a true local hero and landmark here at Edwards Park.

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