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And the winner is... CONCORD!

This weekend we have 4 (FOUR!) Derby games (ie Concord vs Concord) to be played in front of an adoring home ground crowd at Edwards Park. These games are always competitive and victory is hard won. Club President Mick Horse assures me that the "A" and "B" are randomly assigned and does NOT predict the outcome, so the fact that his team is "B" does not mean that victory is assured for Vice Pres Danny Coral's so-called "A" team, or indeed for any of the other "A" teams. The last clash of the dinosaurs ended in a draw so the result this weekend will be very closely watched and the winner will get bragging rights at the committee meeting the following Monday, and the loser should probably chuck a sickie.

A reminder that the HOME team for U12 and above needs to wear the Away strips, available from the clubhouse prior to the game. Managers to sign these out, and return a clean set. If you have a set kicking around at home please return asap. WE NEED THEM! U9 home team "A" please obtain a set of bibs.

Timetable for the derby games this weekend attached. Looking forward to a great weekend of football action in which Concord literally cannot lose!

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