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Meet U13/3

This current 2019 winter season, it is my privilege to be the manager of the CJSC Under 13, division 3 boys team.

We were fortunate enough to be offered the coaching services of Sal, who approached the club looking to volunteer as a coach for a team. Sal, being new to the club, did not know any of the players or families. Under his direction and leadership, the boys, so far, are having a fantastic season. It is so valuable having such a positive role model for our boys. We started the season with a few losses and a draw but the boys kept up their determination and enthusiasm and have started to turn their season around and have won the last 2 games.

It’s so rewarding watching them start to develop their team play and see their improvement each week. I feel very lucky, as the team manager, that I get to know these boys. They are an impressive group of 12 and 13 year old boys, funny, clever and committed. Watching friendships develop, listening to them encourage each other at half time and find the positives in a losing game is pretty special. They make me laugh listening to their chatter when they are sitting on the bench while they are subbed off during the game. The support from all the parents has been much appreciated. I am so looking forward to the rest of this season.

Cheering on this team every Sunday is an honour. C’mon U13 Div 3, you’ve got this!

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