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Coming 2020

If you have been driving past Ron Routley Oval at the top of Majors Bay Rd and wondering what was behind the blue net fences - it's all good news for Concord Soccer next year. The new Concord/InterLions synthetic football pitches are making progress. The pitches are the result of much hard work by committee members from both clubs.

Anyone who has had pleasure of playing on a synthetic pitch such as Strathfield's will know why we are getting excited about this. Imagine kicking a ball and having it move fast and straight instead of bouncing off uneven grass. Then imagine it rains on a Friday and games don't have to be cancelled over the weekend!

If you are curious what is happening and when, updates can be found on the link below. The Council is accepting questions and queries via the link as well and we would encourage you to leave supportive messages to encourage the Council to continue building the pitches.

This is a huge upgrade of soccer facilities and will revolutionise our club.

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