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Priorities and a progress update

Hi all

This is an extremely busy time for the Club. I am working through everything as quickly as I can. Thank you for your patience so far

Current Priority List

1.Team Lists for Team Managers. I am working on this right now, starting with the U8. Right now (Sunday morning) I am in the mid teens.

2. Training days times and locations are being allocated by the committee and should be advised this week.

3. De-registrations.

4. I am responding to emails and picking up the phone where I can.

Coaches and Managers

- Finalised Team Contact lists are being sent out in age order, starting with juniors.

- Training days and times will be advised this week

- Coaches Kits can be picked up at 7pm at the Clubhouse Monday 11th

- Managers kits are being assembled, emails will be sent out advising when these are available.

- Coach & Managers information nights at the Canada Bay Club at 7pm

U8-U11 Tuesday 19th March

U12 up Wednesday 20th March

Parents and Players

- Your next contact will be by your Team Manager or Coach once they have received their team lists, which should happen this week at the latest.

- First game is the weekend of 6th and 7th April

- Shorts shirts and socks will be handed out by the Team Manager prior to game day.


Please contact me to initiate a de-registeration. The process is I initiate, you approve in your Play Football Account then the CDSFA approve. I will then need your bank account details for refunds after the de-registration process is complete in Play Football. Active kids rebates are included in the refund. These will be processed as quickly as possible, but depending on work volume this may take up to 2 weeks.

2019 Registrations

Note: If your child turns 5 in the 2019 calendar year they are eligible to play Under 5s. If they turn 6 at any point in 2019 (even if they have already turned 6) they are Under 6. This same rule applies all the way up to the Over 45.

1. Ages Under 8 to Over 45 Teams have been finalised with the CDSFA.

We have a couple of places to enroll single players in teams that have space. Please contact me with your playing experience.

2. Under 6 to Under 7 (Miniroos)

Still accepting registrations

Please see the Concord Juniors website for information and the link.

Information sheets are available from the Concord Juniors website. This contains date and time your child will play.

3. Under 5's (Miniroos)

Contact me to register in person at the club.

Information sheets are available from the Concord Juniors website. This contains date and time your child will play.

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