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State Cup Round 2 done

Better news for Concord this round, two of our three teams got through.

Unfortunately the U17/1 were eliminated at Mt Annan today 3-1 in a tough match.

The girls teams both had great games. Our U16/1G won 1-nil against Rouse Hill. This was a tough match and according to their Manager, could have gone either way but luck was on our side this time and their journey continues.

The WIL/1A team had another huge win, this time against the Gunners, 7-nil. This WIL team are taking on Adult Women's teams, and with these results are staking a real claim for a Grace Martin spot next year.

Pictured is our victorious U16/1G team. Nice work all!

Round 3 in 2 weeks - hopefully the O35/1 will get onto the field.

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