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One month to go till Finals!

Concord is fielding 34 teams this year in the competitive age divisions, up from 27 last year. Competitive ages is from Under 12 to Over 45. The top 4 placed teams in each division will enter the Finals series in August.

We have 15 teams currently in the top 4, with nearly half of those in first place. Seven teams currently in first place! What a great season.

Serg and Frank's 12/5 are 2 points ahead of second placed Balmain and looking good for a great second half of the season.

James' 13/1G are pulling clear of the opposition, now 4 points clear of second placed Earlwood. This team was promoted from Div 2 last year, took on some new players who had not played before and just between you and me, we didn't see this coming, but could not be more thrilled. They will be very strong contenders for the State Cup in 2022.

Ned's 14/2 team are having an amazing season, zero losses, 9 wins, one draw. They are training hard and will be knocking on the door of Division 1 for 2022. Keep up the good work team!

Domenic's U16/2G is having a great season, equal first with Burwood, but their HUGE 34 goal difference is putting them on top, Burwood has a GD of 25. Only 2 losses all season, one of which was to Burwood. This will be very interesting finals series to watch, super competitive. This team is super skinny, very few reserves, so they are all getting plenty of playing time.

Rocco and Gary's U17/2 boys are dominating their ladder, 4 points clear of second placed Strathfield even though they have played one game less than Strathfield. A perfect record of 9 straight wins, zero losses or draws. The U17/1 team, who were also dominating their division, but currently second due to a couple of forfeits may have some derby Concord games next year. The U18/1 competition for 2022 will be a very compelling one to watch for Concord supporters.

Ryan's AA7 are doing well after a season off. A record of 8 wins, 3 draws and a loss tells us that they did not let their skills atrophy in lockdown last year, and they are clearly in the hunt for a second straight premiership. Just two points seperate them from Canterbury.

The O45/5 team's awesome season can only be attributed to the return of Vice President Danny Coral, back from the injury he sustained last year. Only one loss all season and five points clear of second placed Balmain. Nice work Dinosaur A team! The Dinosaur B team can look forward to a good year in 2022.

Special mention to our two fabulous W2 teams. Promoted mid season from WIL/1 to the W2 division, neither team has dropped a game since, one draw otherwise wins all round. Placed into 5th and 6th on the W2 ladder it will be very interesting to see where they are by the end of the season. Fingers crossed for some Grace Martin (First Division) glory next year!

We await the result of the U14G division split, our 14/1G may also be in contention for Finals, depending on where they land.

All other teams there is still time to make a late play for glory in 2021!

NB The new split rounds in dribl are not necessarily in order. Hopefully this bug will be corrected soon.


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