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Miniroos Gala Day

Miniroos parents will receive a text message later this evening with a link asking them to RSVP to the Gala Day on 4th December. If we get enough clicking “Yes” we will proceed, otherwise will make other arrangements to pick up trophies and photos. Unfortunately this is the only day we can arrange everything we need, so this is the only day we can run it.

If the tech does not align I may run a little later than I think - give me until tomorrow afternoon before messaging me if you do not receive.

Some housekeeping about the day follows…

The Gala Day will be held at the Club’s stadium at Majors Bay Reserve – NOT EDWARDS PARK












Our newly minted game leaders will be running the games, not parents.

We will be handing out trophies and will have your photos if you ordered them.

We have some concerns about heat – particularly for the U7. Please sunscreen the children and bring plenty of water. Soft hats only permitted, nothing hard brimmed.

To access Majors Bay Reserve, enter from Nullawalla Avenue, and use the car park behind the old Concord RSL. Park and walk through to the stadium which fronts onto Norman st.

I will be putting together some photos to play on the stadium scoreboard while the kids are playing, if you took any great shots this year and are happy for them to be displayed please email them to


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