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Latest shutdown news from the CDSFA

Latest from the CDSFA Chair Armando Gardiman on resumption of the season. Click on the link below for the full read, but the part you are most interested in is …. “The lockdown will not end until the number of infectious people in the community reaches zero with at least three to five days of continuous no new infections…

…At this stage, on today's numbers, the collective view of the Board is that we should not anticipate a resumption of the competition before Friday 13 August.

If we were able to resume on Friday 13 August we would be able to complete the competition rounds in most competitions, subject to weather, subject to ground availability. The completion of some competitions would involve double headers in a number of the age and grade groups….

…If lockdown continues past 13 August all of this becomes highly problematic. Much will then turn on our capacity to secure playing fields in September.”


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