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Interested in refereeing?

The off season is the perfect time to get this sorted.

First step is to complete the laws of the game online training. Link HERE. Complete by February next year and print off your certificate of completion.

Second step is to attend the Level 4 training course. These will be held in February/March next year at various locations. Put your name down to be contacted with dates and times HERE

Third step is register in Play Football as a referee and you are ready to go!

The money is surprisingly good. 2020 Club Rates HERE - don't forget that each team pays you this so double it. It is also tax free.

You can register as a referee from as young as 13. A 13yo can be centre referee for U11 and below, and be assistant referee for any age. A 14yo can be centre ref for U12 and below.

Concord has an obligation to recruit one senior referee for every three O35 teams we register each season. So we are offering an extra inducement for Senior referees (18+) please contact Vicki for details.


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