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Glory in 2022

Just three or four weeks (depending on your division) are left to go until the finals series begins (not yet confirmed BTW). In June the sun finally emerged and we caught up all of our home games - some away games remain to be caught up.

Most conversations around the club have turned to the U12+ ladders and who is going to represent Concord in their quest for finals glory. Ladder summary below, this is the position as of this morning (Monday) Some adjustments may happen if matchsheets were not submitted on time. Note that some divisions (U18/1 I'm looking at you) have yet to split, so a 7th place turns into first placed U18/2.

Several teams stand out - Our U14/1G currently topping their ladder leading Hurlstone Park with a 2 point margin. A couple of weeks ago with several key players out with Covid the team had their first loss in 3 seasons to Hurlstone Park at Beaman. This unfamiliar and unpleasant sensation no doubt motivated them in the return match to a 2-0 win at MBR yesterday.

The AA10 team played only 1 match in April - they were unlucky with the draw and did not have any games on a synthetic pitch while the monsoon happened. They are one of two teams that have had back to back mid week games for a month (the other is O35/6) playing 7 matches in June. Clearly their compacted season has suited them as they are now laying claim to the minor premier spot for the first time this season. They have not lost a single game this year.

The AAW1A team are dominating the Grace Martin competition and we are loving it. 11 wins and a single draw in 12 games. Not all matches were easy, but the team worked hard and found a way to triumph nearly every single week. The lone team who held them to a draw was the Concord B team - not doubt the return derby in a couple of weeks will be hotly contested. Just one point clear of Leichhardt Saints, who have won the competition 7 years in a row there is plenty still to do before we can claim the Grace Martin trophy.

Last but not least the O45/5 team, also known as El Presidente's team aren't doing too badly either. 10 wins from 11 games has made for a very happy President this season. They play second placed Hurlstone Park on the 16th July - however a very poorly timed trip to the Hunter Valley will take out three of their players including El Presidente that day, so we will see who has really been doing all the heavy lifting this season. They are just one point clear of Hurlstone Park.

There are still some teams that can muster a couple of wins, scrape into 4th place, and qualify for the finals. Go for it!!


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