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Game Leaders

The Concord Hub, which includes Russell Lea WFC and Interlions, as well as CJSC is looking for candidates aged 11 or above, interested in training to be Game Leaders at Edwards Park, Majors Bay Reserve, Queen Elizabeth Park or Ron Routley Oval for the winter season.

Game Leaders have replaced referees for matches for Under 8 to Under 12 teams. The aim is to let the game flow, and gently correct rather than the traditional more authoritative referee's role.

The program has been very popular. We have received a lot of positive feedback from parents of children involved in the program, particularly around how the participants have increased self confidence after succeeding as a Game Leader. They have also mentioned the enhanced understanding and appreciation of the game that develops. If you have a real passion for football this could be perfect for you!

Game Leaders can be children U11+ or adults. The age range that has Game Leaders play on the smaller fields, U8 - 9 play on Mini (quarter) fields and U10 - U12 play on Half fields. You may only game lead matches where you are at least 2 years older than the participants, so an U11 Game Leader could Game Lead matches for U8 and U9.

We are also very interested in recruiting Mentors. Craig and Mick H have both enjoyed the experience of working with our future Game Leaders, and Concord has an enviable reputation for the quality of the Game Leaders we produce. These are very rewarding volunteer positions with the potential to really lift the standard of the game as our Game Leaders continue to develop. Talk to Vicki for details.

Full training and mentoring is provided by the Concord Hub.

A few easy steps to become a Game Leader

Firstly register with Football Canterbury at the link below, and download a copy of the rules as well.

Memorise the rules over the off season.

Attend the GL kickoff, tentatively timed for March 2024. This will be run by the Association, probably at MBR or Edwards Park.

Start off Game Leading for half a game under the mentorship of senior Committee members.

Progress to full games with your Mentor. Once you have developed the confidence to take charge of the game you will be passed to become a full Game Leader.

Once you have passed you can be assigned games at any of the parks above. The home club will pay you cash for all games that you game lead on the day you work.

We are also interested in sponsoring referees for senior games U13 + so talk to Vicki if you are interested.

Sign up now so we will send you an invite for the training next year when we finalise the date.

Photo credit @Photographedwithlove. A visiting Punchbowl Goalkeeper receives some advice from Mick Horseman.


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