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The results are in. Concord has 6 teams officially take the premiership for 2021. Congratulations go to.....

Concord's biggest winners this year are officially the Craus and Lofaro families - two members each in Premiership winning teams, plus Dads Coaching or Managing.

NB The abrupt end to the season has made photos hard to come by for some teams!

What a season the 13/1G have had. Never wavered for a minute, and now lining up for a run at Champions of Champions - if the competition goes ahead - nothing is certain at this point. Great work team, James and Tom

The 14/2 were undefeated in 2021, and we expect great things from them for 2022. Congratulations also to Ned, Mark and Anthony steering the boys through the season. Here is a photo of most of them in U12 in 2019, which was a great year, but winning the premiership is even better! Well done!

The 16/2 girls had a tough season, with a lean lineup meaning plenty of "on field" time, and came out smiling. Nice work girls! Results were tight in this division, but the huge goal difference sees them bringing home the silverware this year. Congratulations also to Domenic, Lina and Sherwin.

The 17/2 seemed to play Marrickville every week, and won EVERY SINGLE TIME. 9 straight wins makes for an great season, and well, probable promotion into Division 1 for 2022. Coached and Managed by Committee members Rocco and Gary, who led by example, starring in the O45/5 team's win below.

AA7 made a solid return to football after a season off. This team is the especial favourite of lifemember Orlando, who coached many of them as Concord kids. Good to have you back chaps - congrats on the big win again! Here they are celebrating their 2019 win. Two years in a row and going for the hat trick!

The Dinosaur A team aka O45/5 aka the Coral team had a great season, with a 5 point lead over second placed Balmain. I'll be merciful and not mention the Dinosaur B team's results after their promotion last year. Let's just say we are looking forward to another clash of the dinosaurs next year! Here's a shot from the 2019 dinosaur derby round. Look at them all socialising like they haven't heard of Covid.

That's all folks! See you in 2022!

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