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Mid Season check in

Concord is rolling along well as we hit the mid season mark, 7 rounds down, 7 to go.

We are fielding 27 teams in the competitive divisions this year - ie U12 and above, and have 4 teams currently in first place.

James' U12/2G have moved one point clear of Balmain and are now top of the table. They have had no losses and only 2 draws this season. This team seems to have bonded really well and are playing their hearts out. They had a lovely win here at Edwards last Sunday, and are currently 1 point in front.

Rocco's U16/3 have enjoyed 7 straight wins, however so has Hurlstone Park who are in second place only because of Goal Differences. It will be a very interesting game when our lads meet Hurlstone Park for the first time in two weeks here at Edwards. To heighten the suspense the return match is the last round of the season.

The delayed start seems to be suiting our Over 45 teams, who are all having an awesome season. Stephen's newly graduated (from O35) team is leading the Division 2 table, 8 POINTS clear of second place. Danny Coral's Division 4A team is only being denied first place by David Barry's 4B team. Concord is first and second place. Nice work.

A further 8 teams are in second place, tantalisingly close to glory. The 12/3 - are only 1 win (3 points) off the top spot, 13/2 5 points off the pace, 14/2, only 2 points 14/1G, 4 points 14/4G, 6 points 35/1 only 1 point off the pace, 35/3 are equal first, second on goal differences and the O45/4A - as mentioned being held out by our B team and 5 points.

12 teams in the top 2 is a great position for the club. Of course there is still time for teams to make a late play for Minor Premiership, as our 16/3 (now 17/2) team did last year. Every goal this season could count if it comes down to Goal differences by October.

The two O45 division 4 teams will be playing the return derby match this Saturday at 5pm. This time the clash of the dinosaurs is made even more interesting by the fact they they are 1st and 2nd on the ladder. Danny Coral's 4A team will be extremely keen to inflict the first loss of the season on the 4Bs. Luckily the 5pm start means the game will go way past Serg T's usual bedtime so I fancy the 4A's chances this round. Good luck gents. Enjoy your first competition game on MBR.

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