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Checking in @ Edwards Park - new COVID19 requirements

To streamline future contact tracing @ Edwards Pack the CDFSA is moving to the use of QR codes.

When arriving at Edwards please use your smart phones to scan the QR codes that will be displayed prominently around the Park.

This should bring up a link to a Football NSW page that will allow you to enter your details. Please do this everytime you attend matches, in whatever capacity, spectator, player, referee, canteen volunteer etc.

A reminder to distance yourself from other players and spectators, and use the hand sanitiser on the clubhouse forecourt, and limit the numbers at the Park.

  • Junior players no more than two, but preferably one accompanying family member.

  • Senior players please do not bring children or partners to the ground. Arrive, check-in, play and leave.

In order to keep everyone safe and keep playing this is what we have to do.

For those teams playing away, expect to be asked to check in at all parks in the CDSFA district, and if they don't, ask why.

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