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Let's play some soccer!

So good to be (nearly) back! Some highlights for our first week.

First game is our O35 Div 1 team who open the season for us at Strathfield Park as part of the new Friday Night Lights competition. Good luck gents!

First official games on our fabulous synthetic pitch at Majors Bay Reserve (MBR). Bragging rights go to the U9/1A team who will be the first Concord team to play on the (Mini) field.

First full-sized game on MBR will be the O35/3 team, followed by the new O45/2 team.

All the 12’s with home games ie 12/1, 12/2, 12/5 teams will enjoy MBR on Sunday along with 13/3. Our 12Girls and 12/3 who are unlucky to be playing away this week will have to wait for another round.

Our first Derby game of the season is this weekend with a re-run of the “Clash of the Dinosaurs” on Edwards1. Vice President Danny Coral’s O45 team will play President Mick Horseman’s team on Edwards 1 at 3pm, so I guessing no one will be home before midnight.

Edit - With the new ban on socialising the O45 will of course be home by 5:15pm - leading by example as always. End Edit.

Who will win? Concord of course – it’s all about Concord with this mob.

That reminds me, Danny and Mick – someone needs to check the club defibrillator @ Edwards Park is working before the O45 match.

Can't wait for the weekend!

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