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A new hope?

Good news for all of us who are still keen to hit the paddock in this unlucky season.

Firstly the Federal Government has endorsed the AIS produced Framework of how to ease into the season


"All community sport members must be made aware not to attend sport environments if they are unwell and should use a cautious approach."

"Resumption of community sport and recreation activity should take place in a staged fashion with an initial phase of small group (<10) activities in a non-contact fashion, prior to moving on to a subsequent phase of large group (>10) activities including full contact training/competition in sport. Individual jurisdictions will determine progression through these phases, taking account of local epidemiology, risk mitigation strategies and public health capability.

— This includes the resumption of children’s outdoor sport with strict physical distancing measures for non-sporting attendees such as parents."

Secondly a new Podcast from the CDSFA, interviewing Stuart Hodge the CEO of FNSW. You can listen to the whole thing or skip to the 23rd minute where it he talks specifically about the COVID situation. Link to podcast HERE (Is it just me or does he sound like a young John Howard?)

The TL:DR of his podcast is the dates have not yet moved. FFA have banned all forms of football until 31st May, and the NSW Public Health Order is 30th June. HOWEVER he is clearly expecting an announcement within the next week or so. The NSWG are weighing the risks, and will ultimately be responsible for what is able to go ahead.

Thirdly the CDSFA have also been canvassing the club for our preference for starting dates. At this point we are cautiously optimistic the season will go ahead in some form with a caveat that it is still completely out of our hands. We will continue to tell you what we know, when we know it.

Cheers to better days coming!

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