How we form teams

First some Definitions :

If a player was born on any day in 2016, and therefore turns 5 in 2021 they are eligible to play Under 5 (U5) in 2021. If they turn 6 in 2021 they are eligible for U6. Etc.

A player must turn 18 or older in 2021 to play All Age

A Player must turn 17, 18 19, 20 or 21 in 2021 to be eligible for the Women's Intermediate League (WIL) team.

A Player must turn 35 by December 31st 2020 to be eligible for Over 35 (O35) in 2021, and 45 by December 31st for O45.

Teams are registered by us with the CDSFA in late February. If we do not have enough players registered at the end of February we cannot register a team. Last season we could have registered a couple of extra teams but did not as players registered too late. Players registering in March then have to slot into existing teams and some players missed out. Please register by February.

Please note that LATE registrations (Registering in March) have to be slotted into established teams where spaces exist.


Miniroos - Players Under5 to U7 are sorted informally into teams based on the team they played in last season and/or the school they attend. Teams have to be roughly equal in size so all players have a similar amount of playing time. Some children may not get into their school's team, so they get to make new friends in another team. It's a better option than having oversized teams, with 50% of players sitting on the sidelines getting bored.

If you want your child to make new friends, or play with family members or old friends from preschool or where ever please email the club your preferences, cc'ing ALL PARENTS affected. This will give them the chance to have an opinion before teams are set.

Please do not ask to change teams after they have been finalised as the multiple changes I had to do last season and the admin load this causes at the most busy time of the year literally drove me crazy.

Players aged Under 8 to U14 are GRADED, meaning each player's ability is assessed and they are placed in teams with players of similar abilities and that team is proposed for the division our graders think they will best thrive in. The CDSFA has the final say in division placement. Grading sessions will be held over two weeks mid February, and a Team Announcement Night will be held to announce teams towards the end of February. Dates to be confirmed - keep an eye on the CJSC website. Please prepare your child for the possibility that they may not be playing in the team of their first choice. We had 9 x U8 teams in 2020, so friend groups will inevitably be split up.

Players aged U15 and above are asked to form their own teams.

Towards the end of February we will review the number of registrations in each age group and decide how many viable teams we have. A team meeting may be called to sort teams, if the numbers are for more than one team, and/or discuss options, such as players recruiting friends, or playing up into other teams, or pulling up players from a younger team. This is done towards the end of February to encompass as many players as possible.

SENIOR TEAMS If you do not have a team please email with your details - age, which level you want to play - ie WIL, U21, All Age, All Age Sunday, Over 35, Over 45, playing history, including division, preferred position etc BEFORE REGISTERING and we will ask team captains if they require extra players. Whether you are accepted is a decision by the Team Captain, not the Club, and based on what the team needs.

If you have a Senior team you want to register for Concord, or even part of a team, email what you have and I'll contact you if I have individual players making contact looking for a team.