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The Silent Sideline

Hurlestone Park are trialling an interesting initiative, Silent Sidelines. It is designed for the players benefit, to let the game be played by the children, allow them make their own decisions on the field and simply enjoy the game. As you may have heard, the incidence of poor behaviour at our parks (from players, coaches, managers and spectators) across the association is at a record high and this is an option that may be more widely rolled out if the trial is considered successful.

For 2 weekends HP are trialling “Silent Sidelines” at Ewen Park. This coming weekend is the second, and our U9 Div 1 team will be playing at Ewen and we ask that everyone involved complies with the initiative.

What does Silent Sidelines mean?

Put simply, no shouting from the sidelines from spectators, coaches or managers. If you would like to show your support, use your hands (to clap). Naturally, if coaches need to get the attention of the ref for substitutions, then go ahead.This is the only exception. Spectators will be offered lollipops to remind them.

Players may seem lost initially, however in the long term they will become better footballers. Trust the process and let them work it out on game day.

I would encourage the parents of the U9 Div 1 team to discuss this initiative with their children after the game Saturday and post feedback on the CJSC Facebook page - we are all interested in hearing how it went.

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