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Finals Fever - aka the path to Glory!

We are getting to the pointy end of the Season for the Competitive Age Groups - ie U12 and above. Position on the ladder has become an all consuming topic and your CJSC Administrator is starting to receive a lot of questions about what happens next.

Latest advice from the CDSFA is that barring rain, all finals will be conducted over 3 weekends…

  • Week 1 = Semi Finals

  • Week 2 = Finals

  • Week 3 = Grand Final

8 team competitions will start their finals after this weekend, so their semi’s will start on 3rd/4th August.

All others will start their semi’s the week after, being 10th/11th August.

At present there are no finals in the system until the CDSFA know who the top 4 teams in each competition are, so the draw will be updated each week.

Access finals via the normal draw, but select 2019 Finals instead of 2019 Winter in Compman.

So which Concord teams are in with a good shot at glory? Following is a list of Concord teams at currently at position 5 or above on their respective ladders - remembering that the top 4 make the Finals.

Special mention to the U12/4, O35/5A and the WIL teams who are currently own the Minor Premiership spot. Nice work!

Once again our girls and women's teams are over-represented - 25% of our total teams but 38% of teams looking likely to progress to the Finals. We have awesome female teams. Go Concord Girl Power!

Also having an awesome year are our U16 teams - with all three in contention. Time for a few of those famous heart stopping last minute goals James to lift the 16/1 out of 5th place and into the Finals where you belong!

All other teams - please feel free take it as a personal challenge to win all your remaining games, get lucky in who wins the other games in the round and blaze through to the Finals!

Very best of luck to all our Glory seekers!

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