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Time to Choose

The CDSFA is drowning in disciplinary incidents by players, officials and spectators. There is such a high volume of incidents that it is impacting the running of the competition and they are considering options including a temporary shutdown of the competition.

Disappointingly Concord has not been immune. Its barely June and we have had a number of incidents, including a 12 yo red carded for abusing a referee, a parent forcing a referee to pause the game to halt the constant stream of abuse and an entire team suspended for being involved in a brawl.

Its rapidly coming to a choice, either you want to play football or you want to spend time in disciplinary hearings and watching your team playing without you.

Its great to be passionate about football, and want to win, and maybe hate your opponents a little. But in the words of our own Tommy T, captain of the All Age Division 1 team - we want to hurt them on the scoreboard. To do that we have to keep playing.

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