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Winners are Grinners

Two Concord teams played in the State Cup today and BOTH won! Statistically AWESOME round!

Congratulations to the U14G and the U16/1 teams. Round three here we come!

A nail biting finish for the boys with the game scoreless until the final minute. James suddenly remembered that this isn't AFL - there are no consolation points for a near miss. He finally put the ball away and the whistle blew full time seconds later. Well done!

The girls also won 1 nil, Layla scored in the first half, paying a small price for victory with an injured finger. Totally worth it judging by the smiles! Two weeks to get back in top form Layla, we need you for Round 3 on June 2nd!

As the boys got to headline last week here is a photo of our victorious girls. Hurray!!!

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